Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Like a ton of bricks! You must read Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne

Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne is packed full of hard-core truth. There will be moments when it feels like a brick hit you over the head as you realize the moments you became an accidental Pharisee. Perhaps you are one now. Other times you will realize that the church as a whole has received their label of being too judgmental, and too self-righteous because many walked down the path of becoming an accidental Pharisee.

Full of grace and biblical truth, this book will walk you through practical ways to avoid pride and reveal the heart of God for His church at the same time. Accidental Pharisees addresses the sinful nature of man that we too often can slip into as Christians sitting in the pew, volunteering, or as Pastors. This book is intended to challenge you. I always love challenges, which is part of the reason why I would recommend this book to all followers of Jesus.

From an aspect of Pastoral leadership, I would say that this book would be a great one for your church staff or Bible study groups to go through together. There are questions to reflect on after each of the seven parts. This is a topic that must be brought up, taught, and not left ignored in the church and in our own lives. We must see pride, exclusivity, and the heart of a Pharisee for what it is, rather than justifying it. As followers of Christ we must be willing to look at the issues we have tried to justify and call it out for what it is. Sin.

Becoming an accidental Pharisee is something that we are all guilty of at one point in our life or another.  Not one of us is perfect. Despite that, what matters is that we remain true to the gospel as Larry stated. We need to always remember that it has never been about us, but it has always been and forever will be about God and what He has done for us.

Read Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne. I dare you!

I received this book from Booksneeze. All of these opinions are my own.

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