Monday, September 26, 2011

Dreams... Passions... Fulfilling them

It has been a couple of weeks since I have had the opportunity to write. The reasons that have slowed this process down have been all very good things and in fact several of these things are the first seeds sprouting up of dreams that my husband and I have. Life is all very exciting!

My Mom and I had fun walking September 17th for the Stop Child Trafficking Now 5k. I think there were times though that our pace was almost as quick as some of the runners. It was normal Oregon weather with wind, and slanting rain spattering down on our not so rain ready clothes. We walked faster than normal to finish quicker so we would not be out in the rain. Because of this we finished right behind the runners! I thoroughly cherished this walk with my Mom. She is one of my hero's and every moment with her is a precious gift. My Dad, too, is someone I feel the same about. Becoming a Stepmom only increases how I feel towards them. 

So this leads me to one of my biggest dreams and passions. Being a mother to the orphan. To some it may sound strange. To others it may seem impossible. To me, with God's reassuring words, I see this dream already coming to fulfillment that will continue to grow throughout my life. One rather late night on April 6th 2011, God was speaking life into this dream. He was stirring in my heart the love for the very children that SCTN helps as well as the many churches and non-profits that I too am involved with. Here is what I wrote (not edited) in response to what God was speaking to me:

Journal Entry April 6, 2011

Conviction or false guilt? For what? For something that I did? No. For lack of action. For not being able to help like I want. 

I see faces of those who have no name, for these are boys and girls stripped of everything and forced to sell themselves in ways that they never imagined. I hear their voices calling for help in the night. What can I do? How can I save them?

I see people crying, even begging for help while there are stagnant or dead people walking in their riches who, if they awoke, could be life-changers.

Do I dare to believe I can save but one life? And if so, how about 100? 1,000? Millions? One seed, once planted can indeed produce a crop.

And once God brings these children to safety who will show them their value? Who will say: "You have been forced to do these horrible things but you are not horrible. You are more valuable than pearls, more precious than diamonds and God loves you."

I want to be a voice of truth among the dark lies; to help bind up the enemy and set captives free; to pray in warriors to rise up in the night and fight for those faces of children with no name. Oh, Lord, use me. Strengthen me with your right hand to be daring enough to live the impossible. Show me how to live this way.