Tuesday, April 3, 2012


As I was reflecting over some things today the topic of courage came up in my prayers. There are so many aspects of my life in the past where I shrunk back from doing something or saying something because I lacked the courage to stand strong. I often felt that if I just made sure to do whatever anyone told me to do to make them happy that I was doing my job as a human being. Well, now after taking steps to change that and at times having to recognize my value and stand up for myself, certain people have not been so happy.

I recently listened to a sermon that talked about how the enemy wants to erase our value. The enemy hates how valuable we are in God. He hates it because he has no power in that truth. Any chance he gets he will slowly pound lies into our hearts and minds about how we are not as good as we thought or never have been, and on it will go. When we are constantly being bombarded by messages of negativity about ourselves it can slowly wear on us and possibly even make us doubt our value. Maybe some of you have believed lies, much like myself, that I was not worth as much as God was telling me. I remember a time in high school when any positive messages of my great value came into my life, I would lash out because I felt so horrible as a person. I felt worthless.

There have been people in my life who have done the same lashing out at me. One simple lovely word about how beautiful they are and how precious they are and POW! Instant anger or _____ (that's a cloud of nothing) I receive the silent treatment. I have often wondered what it is that has been going on in their lives and hearts for this to happen? I know that my own self-worth was damaged from being sexually abused as a child. But what of these people who portray to others that everything is fine; who will even tell you to your face with a smile that they love you, want a relationship and then treat you as if you are lesser or do not exist? Often I have blamed myself, thinking that if I were only more like what they wanted me to be then we may actually have a relationship. But this is a lie! And I will call the enemy out on it now that I have recognized this truth.

What is going on in your heart? Do you recognize and accept how valuable you are?

It is a prayer of mine that courage would reign in our lives to balk at the enemy and catch these lies that make us feel less valuable than we really are. I pray we will have the courage and the strength to stand in love and continue to show everyone how valuable they are. True love casts out all fear, which then empowers us to stand amidst the storms and the blows of lies and deception from the enemy. Will you have the courage to look the enemy in the eye and tell him he is wrong? Will you stand for truth even if it means facing some difficult challenges from others?

Oh Lord, please give us more courage. May we see ourselves through your eyes and never stray from your truth. Amen.


  1. Many times people are loved and valued, they just won't accept the unconditional love that has been there all along.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your post. This is the common thing that unites all of us. Each and every one of us has not always accepted the unconditional (Agape) love given to us by God. When we recognize the lies from the enemy that we have believed and let go of them, we are then able to accept and embrace the truth from God. He loves us no matter what we do and have done. We will always be the most valuable child to Him even when we won't accept what has always been there... true, unconditional, never-ending love. Agape. =)