Monday, April 23, 2012

Here Is To Love

You found me in the desert, searching for water, just a drop of peace.
I was desperate to find you, just a glimpse of your eyes.
My feet were beginning to ache and my head felt faint.

Weary was I.
Tired was I.
But yet I still hoped to find you.

The sun dropped from the sky, and the wind came and swept me off of my feet.
And there I was, in a sea of stars, immersed in beauty.

Fire and lightning collided in front of me, only to be found in your arms.
Such strong yet gentle hands. Peace consumed my entire being.

I heard my name, such a gentle whisper. It sparked the flame in my heart.
Unifying grace, and love departed from your lips. They tasted like sweet wine, satisfying my thirst for the one who I have always longed for.

You swept me off of my feet and you continue to as each star bursts in abundant power and furious love. Imperfectly complete, yet perfectly graceful. You make me brave and show me who I've always been.

I am so thankful that you call me yours. Each tender word, each glance of your eyes, shows me how this dance is worth every step. Never had I thought that my big dreams overtaking my heart would have brought me to you like this.

Dreams do come true. Never will I doubt again. Never will I be hidden. I will always be yours, forever yours.

Here is to Love.

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