Monday, July 13, 2015

NIrV Study Bible for Kids

I have been impressed with the NIrV Study Bible for Kids. At first glance you can tell right away that this Bible is for kids who are a little older. Thankfully, there is a nice balance between the questions, facts, and added information that kids can handle at various ages. I particularly like this kids Bible because it definitely allows kids the freedom to begin learning how to study the Bible on their own. The Brain Game section is not too difficult but challenging enough to get kids to think further about the passage that they read. The Soak It Up section is not too hard for kids to memorize verses.

Overall, if you are looking for a Bible for your kid to help bring the Bible to life as well as help challenge them to grow more, the NIrV Study Bible for Kids is a Bible you must get for your child. I would have liked more pictures but that is a minor detail that does not matter in the long run. This Bible is great for all learning styles, which means it has a little bit of everything for each child. For those who believe that kids can begin to learn how to properly study the Bible and apply it to their life, this is a great way to help them start.

I have received the NIrV Study Bible for Kids for free from and these opinions are my own.