Sunday, December 22, 2013

All that she needed to know

She stood there shimmering with a beauty that defied all logic. After everything that she had been through many believed that she would be destroyed forever, left in the dirty muck. But there she stood, clothed in truth and a freedom that came only from the Almighty.

A man, who watched silently in the shadows, wanted nothing more than for her to stay bound in the dirty mud that once encased her. He looked her over with jealous disdain. She was clothed in white and wore a pearl necklace of remarkable worth. This necklace represented real beauty that is found only in an honest relationship with Jesus. It represented the truth of being redeemed and having every chain of fear, abandonment, abuse, and lies dropped to the grave. She was free. She was pure. She radiated Love.

In anger he pulled out a fake pearl necklace and walked toward her. He was tired of seeing her stand upright, smiling with joy. Her laugh grated at his nerves. She glanced his way the closer he moved towards her. She recognized his face. He was a familiar companion yet one she had been freed from years ago. Despite his advance towards her, she started to sing, closing her eyes as she peacefully smiled in worship.

This infuriated him so much that he screamed for her to take off the necklace she was wearing and put on the one he had in his hands. She opened her eyes in time to tell him no and made sure her footing was firmly planted so that she would not move. Being denied, he furiously brought up his hands and attempted to rip off the necklace around her neck. 

Pain shot through her neck, head, and back. Nothing he did was able to break such an incredible gift. The more he tugged, the firmer she stood despite the pain. When he was tired of yanking her necklace, he wrapped his hands around her neck to strangle out her voice, which she was using to speak words of loving truth. The tighter his grip, the stronger she fought for her voice. 

She pleaded with the Lord, asking for help from such binding actions. Jesus, having been the one to give her such a gift of priceless worth stepped into the room. She saw him in the distance with relief. He nodded to her to do what He had prepared her to do in this moment. In an upward motion, and with all of the strength within her, she broke off the hands that were slowly choking out her voice.

His eyes went wide. His grasp on her had been broken. Pain shot through her entire body as she gasped for air. Her throat throbbed.

Then Jesus, in all of His glory, appeared behind her. She was filled with awe as the man could only cower, desperately fighting the urge to kneel to the King of Kings. And as he collapsed to the floor, she stood victorious. Jesus wrapped His arms around her gently and whispered in her ear words that filled her with strength. These words she would forever remember. 

Jesus said, "I am so proud of you!"

That is all that she needed to know.  

Monday, December 9, 2013

Come Home

Jamie's Song- Kristene Mueller

(I walked down the aisle on my wedding day to this as a prayer that someday you would come home to us... after all, we all were wanderers who had been found in the arms of God when He pursued us. You are loved.)

I stand here on the sidelines, feeling helpless, yet the prayers I pray shake the atmosphere.
A broken dream I never knew could break is being smashed to pieces before me.
How can you not see it? 
How can there be such destruction?

My heart breaks as each piece falls.
I moan in agony as I see the final blow being wound up to finish what the enemy started long ago.
God, please intervene! 
We need you!

The ache is almost too much to bear.
Each breath is a painful reminder of that which has just been lost.
I weep, creating an ocean with my tears.
And only you God can save me from these torrent waves. 

Forgive us for our dark places that were never surrendered to your light.
Forgive us for following other lovers.
Extend your mercy upon us.
Heal this family and put back together all of these broken pieces.

We need you.
                    Go find them.
                                        Bring them home.
                                                                  Please come home.

Psalm 119:10
 “With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments!”

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Messiah- a stunning, artistic portrayal of the Gospel

Messiah: Origin, is the first in a volume artistically telling the Gospel. This book is beautiful, and breathtaking artistically. The writing is simple and may disappoint those who want the full written text like a book. But to a visual learner, this book will be a great way to read the origin of our awesome Messiah. It brought me joy to see pictures that depicted what I was reading. To me, it is just another way to bring the Bible to life in our own lives.

For those of you who like to read the story of Christmas individually or as a family, this book will be a great asset to your devotional time and family time. The artwork alone can help young children get a better grasp of the birth of Jesus and remind us as adults that we too need to come to the Lord with faith like a child. 

The format may not be something that everyone likes but the visual depictions and the simple layout of the scriptures is a great addition to your daily Bible reading. These volumes will be a wonderful way to read the Bible as a family, as it brings the scriptures to life.

I received this book free from and these opinions are my own.