Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nelsen's Illustrated Bible Dictionary: New and Enhanced Edition


This book is huge! And I must admit that the new and enhanced edition of Nelsen's Illustrated Bible Dictionary is amazing. If you are a visual learner this book is a great tool as there are updated color photos to go along with some of the definitions of terms. This edition comes with over 7,000 updated entries, over 500 color photos and maps and it has been cross-referenced to major translations. It even has "enlarged type size for ease of use'.

I think what I love most about the Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary is that it is a great asset to any biblical research, sermon prep, Bible story teaching as well as for personal use. One can never stop learning more about the Bible. One can never stop researching something to help ones own sermons and Bible lessons. This book will only add to what you will need or want to use in being properly educated and informed about the culture, geography, and time period throughout the Bible.

If you are wondering whether this book is well worth your time and money, doubt no longer. I strongly suggest that you add Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary to your own personal study time and library.

This book was given to me by booklookbloggers.com and these opinions are my own.