Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Whenever You Come Around"- Robin Lee Hatcher

I had such a great time reading Robin Lee Hatcher's book, "Whenever You Come Around." This is the first book by Robin Lee Hatcher that I have read and I was very surprised to find how much I was caught up in the story. She does an excellent job setting up each character, which helps you connect with them, making it very hard to stop reading. It was a great way to escape life for a while and relax.

If you enjoy realistic love stories that are clean and filled with God's love, then you must read this book. From heartbreak, life, success, failure, love and new beginnings, "Whenever You Come Around" has it all. Your heart will go out to the main character Charity, who struggles to confront her past while heartthrob, Buck, does his best to help bring down her walls. Although this book is not as long as others, it is one that will keep you reading late into the night just to get to the ending. It is worth your time!

There will be more books to follow this one, which I am excited about.

This book was given to me for free by and these opinions are my own.