Sunday, September 15, 2013

Contemplating an "insurmountable" task

There has been something heavy on my mind. It stares me in the face at night. Like a towering giant, it stands tall, with a sly smile on its face, as if taunting me. Up to this point, it has never truly been a bother.

But lately, the task at hand looks dark, grueling, and insurmountable. So many questions and doubts arise amidst my growing yet obviously weak faith. I am struggling to look through my human eyes and see this through the eyes of God.

For years, my voice had been manipulated. For years, I thought that my voice had been tossed into a void of darkness. But several years ago, God helped me to take back my voice from the enemy.

Now, with this task before me, I am struggling to understand all of the reasons for having to go through this at this time. Why now? Will it even matter? Will my voice be heard? And if my voice is heard, will people even believe me?

All these questions cloud my thinking and press heavy into my chest making it harder to breath. This task, this burden was never meant to be my own. It was a stunt pulled by the enemy over 23 years ago.

Despite the task; despite the doubts; despite the timing, my hope is that my weak faith will give me enough strength to come before the giant. And with only my sling and some stones, I will speak forth the truth and slay what was never supposed to have any authority over me anyway.

An “insurmountable” task is what it looks like.

A powerful testimony waiting to be told after Love wins is what it really is!

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