Friday, February 24, 2012


Life! How does one describe the growing of life within them? The feeling of excitement, the anxious awaiting of a beautiful creation, and knowing it is a complete miracle to have it all forming within you. This is the best way to describe what is happening with me currently. There are no words to describe the life growing in me. I can hear the heartbeat and feel an outstretched hand. Every now and then a bit of nausea, followed with a movement to make me realize how alive this life truly is.

I am in a state of awe and wonder knowing how God meticulously has been forming it all into being just for me to realize how deep His love for me goes. His love is never-ending, unchanging, unconditional, and is always, always there. As life forms, I find myself swept away by Love so deep that I want to spend every moment in His presence. I would give up everything just for that to happen.

I feel the butterflies flutter in my stomach and it makes me want to dance. His arms wrap around me as I get lost looking into His eyes. His smile warms me from the inside out as my soul burns to give Him glory in all things. How amazing that He would plant in me such life and birth a gift unlike any other!

With this beautiful, precious life we will go to the nations. With my husband by my side, through each labor pain, we will be drenched in the sweat that brings forth life. Every pain, every contraction, and no matter how long the transition, it is worth it all for this life to be born. Through blood and rings of fire we will step into our destiny with God cutting through bars of iron just so that all things impossible become possible.

Thank you God for life and how you have given new wings to fly in this destiny that you are bringing forth!

Note: I am not physically pregnant. This is describing a spiritual pregnancy that God is bringing me through. 

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  1. I love it Kara, what a beautiful representation of the love of God. xoxo