Friday, January 11, 2013

A little creativity from my aching heart

I have done my best to stay strong. I have done my best to not let this kill me. There are scars to prove your attempt at slitting my throat. You left me for dead. Lies, like a best friend, you kept close to your bosom.

I’ve heard all I can take. There is darkness where there once was light. A soul left in depravity. How I feel the ache from the thorns wrapped around your heart. You are bound. Who will break through to show you that there is so much more worth living?

You left me there, lying on the floor; a person I thought I could depend on. Who is he that controls you? Who is he that abuses your emotions and puts you into a prison cell? Lifeless, you portray an image that’s far from the truth.

It’s time to know just how much you are worth fighting for. I almost died once trying to show you. This time it will be different. Truth is my banner and God has shown me your destiny. It is full of light and life. Hope is here. It is what gives me strength to remain standing after each brutal stab.

This time is different, despite the pain that weighs me down. I will not be so easily taken as I was before. I wave the banner high. Never have I known such truth. There is so much forgiveness and love. The ground beneath me cannot be shaken.

Strong is my stance. Loud is my voice that once was choked by prison bars. Bend your knees. It is time for redemption. Accept rebuke and forgiveness. Let this show you true love.

He is waiting. With hope I will keep this banner lifted high even if it takes a thousand years or more. Run towards the only One who can save you. Love. It is all I desire for you to know.

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