Thursday, January 31, 2013

From the Depths of our Soul

It takes one single moment to change the rest of your life. We can focus on the things that have broken our hearts to the core. Would you truly be living? We can dwell on the words that cut so deep, the lies that are still being painted as the canvas of your being, but how can one stand strong in that?

Let us choose life and love to the fullest measure, forgiveness even in the midst of reoccurring offenses. Freedom, like a banner hangs over you, will you wave it high, declaring it against your enemies? Acknowledge your worth and rebuke all of the lies.

There is one who is in your life. He holds the keys to every door, after unlocking the one to your heart. He has given you more gifts than you can count, for there are many. These gifts far outweigh any spoken lie from a deceitful tongue. Each stab in the back cannot come close to stealing one single gift He has given you. That which the enemy has tried to steal, He has restored to you seven fold.

Why then do you despair? Why do your tears fall? Is it for the one who has strayed far from Love? Is it for broken relationships to be restored?

Yes! Dear one, we cry with you. From the depths of our soul we weep for the ones who have forgotten what it is like to be in the arms of Love, speaking His truth. It is with groans that we seek the One who holds the keys to their hearts. Is it time for them to be opened? Oh Lord, we cannot wait any longer! Save them! With our whole being we cry for you to take these broken pieces and put them back together.

Jehovah Rapha we need you.  

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