Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Life: A Bottle to Break Over Your Feet...

For the first time in weeks, I have some extra time to write about things on my heart. I must admit that I am tired, worn out and I feel a little beat up. There are so many good things that are happening and about to take place, but in the middle the enemy attempts to steal my joy. When life gets tough, I have to remind myself that God holds my heart and He is what matters.

At the moment, I am having an evening that reminds me of moments that I enjoyed from my years of being single. My husband is at a class tonight and it is strange that I am by myself. As I think this way, it also occurs to me that it seems strange that I would think that this is strange at all, because when I was single I thrived on nights like this. Nights where I would have a bubble bath by candlelight, eat junk food, and watch a girly movie.  These moments that I have enjoyed and am currently enjoying, are my favorite because Jesus meets with me here. I thrive being in the presence of God. It is all I want.

There is a song by Misty Edwards with a line that says, “I want to put my passion in a bottle and break it over your feet”, like the time Mary anointed Jesus with perfume. If I could put all that I am; all my dreams; all my passions; all my love; all of me into a bottle I would want to break it over Jesus’ feet and anoint him with it. As I think about what this means, it puts my heartache into perspective. My heart can be that bottle and each time that it breaks it pours a little bit more of my passion and life onto His feet as a love sacrifice. There is nothing more that I would want other than to love my Savior in this way.

As I reflect over the past year, all of the heartache was worth it. It helped fill up the bottle of expensive perfume to anoint over the feet of the one who calls me Beloved. What is even better is that my bottle fills up with not just heartache but of thanks for all of the wonderful things that God did for me this past year. 2011 was amazing in so many ways, and I get to wake up to one of the most precious gifts God has given me every morning!

Even though I am tired and beaten, my soul sings and my lips will forever give Him praise. I will live my life filling my bottle to pour over Jesus’ feet. No matter how many tears I cry, or how my heart might ache, and even if I may have a hard time breathing for the feeling of a sword piercing my heart, it is worth every priceless drop of my life over His feet. I am indeed a woman in love. And Love constantly sweeps me off of my feet into a sweet romance that is my life. Here I am. Forever yours.

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  1. Kara,
    Your writing is so beautiful and as I read your blog, I do understand what you mean. I love the analogy you use of a bottle and breaking over Jesus' feet. I pray for you and that the love Jesus has for you will heal any brokenness you have.

    Love you so much