Monday, January 16, 2012

You are Beautiful

I came home last week after work to find some love notes on the mirrors in our apartment from my husband. These simple actions of love mean so much to me. This picture above inspired me to write to you oh readers of mine. The phrase "You are Beautiful" may not strike much emotion in you but to me, it gives my heart wings at times. And it is a phrase that never gets old because when I hear it from my husband and from my Savior I know just how much they mean what they say.

For many years, God's consistent message to me has been how beautiful He made me and how beautiful my growth is to Him. Too often, we can tend to toss aside our value, especially when it is God telling it to us in many ways. When I look at the snow fall, I see how much God loves me and thinks I am beautiful. When I see how amazing a sunset is, I see the promises of God and I know God calls me beautiful. Everyday, there is something that God shows me to reveal this simple truth. It is like He is my lover who planted the tree in the backyard that I love just so that everyday I would know how great His love for me is... in fact, He showed me how deep His love for me was the day He died on a cross of wood from a tree that was planted for that very intention.

God uses my husband to communicate this same truth. I could not be more grateful for this! In fact, it has become a part of my daily life that I love and hold close to my heart every time I hear how beautiful I am from my husband. I must also say that there is a difference between having one say it and another mean it with every fiber in their being. For example: One can say that they love you but if they do not show it in their actions, the phrase is simply just words that have a superficial meaning to them. A person's actions reveal the truth and sincerity behind their words. It does not have to be complicated. Sometimes the simplest gesture can have a thousand meanings. And the person has to be able to be at a place where they can see it, hear it, and accept it deep into themselves.

I sense that many of you have been deeply, deeply wounded. In some ways, we all are alike because we are able to understand the pain of betrayal, rejection, gossip/slander, and so much more. When we allow God to heal these wounds and show us how safe He is, we are finally able to see, hear and accept our true value, our true identity. Too many times, we toss aside our true identity because we have yet to believe what God tells us about ourselves because of the pain (some of you may live or work in an environment where negative/false identities of who you are, are planted in your heart... or you may be holding onto the pain because that is what you are used to), while other times we just ignore His voice whispering in our ear because instead of living WITH Him we think that living for Him is the same and we remain busy.

So BEAUTIFUL ONE, you are deeply loved and you have a God who gave all and designed this earth to show you your value. The next time you see a flower growing through the cracks of pavement, or the sun rise from the darkness, know it was God who was thinking of you when He set it all in motion. His every thought is you! You are beautiful to Him. Soak it in, embrace it, and accept this truth. He has so much more He wants to show you. Accept His extended hands to be swept up into His arms as He longs to dance with you. You have no need to worry about the steps to this dance because all that matters to Him is that you are in His arms. Just keep looking in His eyes. There lies the truth of who you are. He does not lie. To you He says, "You are Beautiful, my Beloved."

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