Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Essential Atlas of the Bible, Carl G. Rasmussen


Essential Atlas of the Bible is a great way to understand the life, culture, and world of the time before and after Christ. This book is great for visual learners as it has multidimensional, full color maps, color photographs, as well as charts, and weather roads. What I found to be the most helpful in bringing together the Biblical content with what I was also seeing in the photos and the maps was the historical background. This is essential in understanding what we read in the Bible.

This book by Carl G. Rasmussen is a simple yet very detailed atlas of the Bible that will be a great asset to any Biblical study. Whether you are doing your own study or taking a Bible class, this will be a book that will add to your understanding of the Bible. Better yet, it will help make the Bible come alive as you see the places that Jesus walked, understand more fully Paul’s missionary journeys and much more.

Pick up your Bible and get to researching with the Essential Atlas of the Bible.

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