Monday, March 19, 2012

Let go

Condemnation. It hit me further today after counseling a suicidal contact of mine just how much we can tend to condemn ourselves because we do not meet our expectations of ourselves, or meet the expectations of others. God brought to my attention times where I still can condemn myself without even realizing it. It has been such a habit of mine through the years. Most often we can tend to blame God for this when we need to let go of ourselves to let God in and show us how He looks at us.

I am thankful that God brought this to my attention because condemnation is not from Him at all. In fact it separates us from experiencing His grace in the fullest measure. This one area that I tend to condemn myself in relates to a part in my life that used to cause me such pain. I can say that God has slowly been healing this part of me and I am so thankful! I am not perfect so there are times when I still condemn myself but as God brings it to my attention, He helps me be able to let it all go each time, slowly but surely. I will continue to let go until it all has fallen away.

As I spend time with my Savior who came to save us rather than condemn us (John 3:17) I am swept away by how much He loves me! When I am caught up in His arms I realize that how I have condemned myself is so far from the truth. I love being in the arms of Love and truth! As I let go, each part falling to the ground, it builds me up so that I will be found in the fullness of His grace.

And as I continue to let go, it increases my hunger to seek and save all of those who are lost and hopeless. I hunger for Jesus! I hunger for more of His Love! I hunger to be less so that He can be more! Lord use me wherever I go. Use my writing. Use my words. Use my life to bring people to your feet. Help me to show others that condemnation is not from you but that you have come to save all to live a life full of immeasurable joy and freedom. Thank you Jesus for your Love! May your Love increase in us.

Let go and let God be your everything. Look only upon His face, for in His eyes, you will see who you are and who He wants you to become as you let go.

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