Monday, October 1, 2012

Overcoming the enemy

The battle is raging. The enemy watches but has no grip on me. He mocks and taunts me. He thinks that by using others against me that I will fold under their silence or the lies that they use to convince others of what is "really" going on. No matter what the attempt, God is always thwarting the enemy and his attempts for ruin. I will remain steadfast in Gods love. It is His truth that anchors me.

As the enemy comes closer, he attempts to kick me down. But oh how weak he is! With Gods Spirit in me, I realize just who is on my side supporting me. By His power and authority, I know who I am. It is this knowledge and truth that helps me stand so strong. No matter whom the enemy uses against me; what lies he attempts to make me believe, all he is doing is wasting his time. 

Now I realize that I could never live this life in my own strength or on the strength of my husband. Although, God has given me a wonderful gift in my husband. My husband helps me fight and win the battles triumphantly because God remains the center of all that we do. God has used my husband to help me heal, to stand stronger in who I am, and always remind me that without Gods truth holding me up, neither of us would amount to anything.

As the enemy lunges towards me, I am not scared. In fact I am the strongest and most secure in the truth that God is for me and no one else can ever stand against Him! I face the enemy with courage I have never had. I grab hold of him to push him down to the depths and then my husband comes to help me finish the job. Together, we stand triumphant. Together, we are stronger. And together we will continue to grow, to thrive, to love, and to defeat the enemy as we lead others into the arms of God.

Thank you Lord for your great love for us! Thank you for the love that you will pour into the hearts of those who need your victory! Thank you for the miracles you will do in the lives of those who remain silent. As I have received forgiveness I will continue to forgive them. Thank you Lord! Amen.

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