Saturday, September 8, 2012

So good...

I sit here today taking a breath of fresh air. Life has been a whirlwind for the past couple of months. My body, my mind and my spirit have been pushed in ways that I never thought imaginable. The most amazing thing about the past couple of months has been seeing how God has shown up during my hardest and weakest points. For this I am so thankful because if life had not been so crazy I would not have experienced God in this way!

Now, my hubs and I are on a new journey. It is one filled with wonder, excitement, and awe. It is time to get down and dirty doing all that we have been trained to do. We are fighting the enemy in new ways while bringing new life to new people who are becoming our new family. There is no greater pleasure than to be so unified together doing the very things that God has called us to do. It is one big adventure! A dream come true with more to follow.

What is even more exciting in this process is to see my best friend, the one I love, realizing so many new things spiritually as he leads the youth. It is breathtaking to see such growth and excitement! This alone is an answer to prayer because as his fire for God burns brighter and harder, it only adds more to my own. Without each other, our fires would just be small, dimly lit ones. But together, it is amazing to see how much more impact we have. This was a prayer I prayed so long ago and it is so cool to see it unfold in greater proportions right before my eyes!

Since my last "official" blog post, God has been showing me the importance of letting go of more things. The more that we let go, the more of God we gain. It truly is priceless and my prayer is that everyone would experience God like this. He is truly all that you need. Even in the pain and the messy things of life He is always there. Life with God is so good in the blessings and the troubles that meet us day to day.

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