Monday, June 25, 2012

Things I am Thankful For

I reflect over the past happenings in life. The joys, the sadness, the debt, the provision, the people who care so much, and the many many miracles! There may be something in life that is always somewhat off or simply out of your control but God is always there. I love how His blessings are always overflowing if you are willing to see what they are. You can always Trust Him.

Just today, my hubs did the simplest gesture yet it meant the world to me. He picked me flowers from around the grassy area where God has blessed us to enjoy for a couple weeks. He intentionally stopped what he was doing, picked the flowers with me in mind, and then hand delivered them to me. Although simple, and a small bouquet, I cannot tell you how much it meant. Purchasing a bouquet of flowers is something that my husband would love to do if we were able to spend money on such things for each other. And still God cares for such things.

This love gift reminded me just how much God loves us! God intentionally does things for us that He knows we will enjoy, need, and love because He not only knows us but He loves us more than what we can ever comprehend. Even when we have nothing God still provides a way for something great. He feeds those who have no money; He gives them a drink when they are thirsty and every now and then even gives them flowers! I love it!

This time in our lives, although as tiring, hard, and uncomfortable as it can be, God is revealing himself in so many ways. He is increasing our faith. He is deepening our trust. He is smoothing out our rougher edges and refining us to be as beautiful and strong as pure gold. And as He does such things, as much as it may be draining, there is still so much rest in Him. God restores so many things to those who are seeking Him with all they are. He can restore things instantly and mend the most torn apart heart. Some things can take more time but with Truth forever shining, and Love always pouring itself out to you, there is nothing too big or too hard for God to do in your life. And He will never ignore you, nor will He walk away from you. He is the Truth revealer, the Life giver, the strength, and confidant anyone will ever need. Truth is a person and in Him all lies and darkness will have to flee. Praise His name!

I have found that in the midst of heartache God brings us into such a secret, divine place. It truly is the most amazing thing ever. The fact that God desires to be so close and intimate with us makes my heart flutter and feel as if it is soaring. My heart and body feel like they could burst at the seams just thinking about how good God is and how much I love Him and how much He loves me! Nothing else matters but Him. And yet there are still so many yet to experience how amazing God is. I pray late into the night for several dear to my heart to experience this. There is such healing, restoration, and transformation; such Love, glory, and power in what God will do in our lives when we allow Him into our secret places. It is a beautiful process.

Allow Him in dear one. Keep pressing into Him. Hold onto Him for He surely will never let you go. You are precious and valued. Do not worry. Trust Him, for the walls of distrust will keep you from enjoying life full and free in Him. Lies will only tear apart your life but Truth will always set you free. Rebuke the enemy, state who you are in the Lord, and dance with joy. You are beautiful, you are valued, you are precious, you are needed, and you are LOVED! 

His Love Never Fails.

Every tear that falls
   can water a garden
       deep within your heart
          where the Lord will meet you
              and turn all things beautiful in time
He Loves you
     He wants you
          You are more precious to Him 
               than anything in all the world and universe
                   You are His favorite one that He pursues
                       Accept His embrace and enjoy this dance with Him
                  HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS


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