Monday, October 3, 2011

"With. Reimagining The Way You Relate To God" by Skye Jethani

"With" is an extraordinary book that describes how individuals relate to God. Skye Jethani begins with the four ways that most tend to relate to God, which are "under, over, from, and for God”. These were nothing knew to me having grown up surrounded by individual's who in one form or another related to God in one of these ways. I once related and often struggled in one of these four groups at one point in my own life. 

What I enjoyed was how Jethani so bluntly but gently described the truth stating how these ways actually stem from our own fear and need to control our lives.  Instead Jethani writes that, "we need to start living in communion with God”. When we live in communion with God we see God for "who he truly is and begin to treasure God and not merely use him”. Jethani also brings up the important truth that without Jesus and his death and resurrection, living a life with God would not even be available to us. 

Jethani challenges readers to go further than just uniting their life with Christ and living under bondage of what ends out only being religion. When we live "with" God our lives will be filled with "faith, hope, and love”. Life with God is filled with the power of his Spirit, full of his love and, an extreme desire for a constant, growing relationship that will never end. I encourage everyone who is questioning his or her views on God, or anyone who desires a closer relationship with God to read this book. You will not be left disappointed.

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