Monday, October 10, 2011

No words can describe

As I sit here this afternoon with my slipper socks on, sweater, and coffee I am completely amazed at how God has been revealing himself to us this season in our lives. I sit in a room that is decorated for our precious little one. Love is in this room, grace, and mercy too. God has done so much for us and this room is special because it is a constant reminder of that fact.

Yesterday God's promises and dreams were further confirmed in our Cambodia service where the co-founder of Remember Nhu, Carl Ralston and Nhu herself were present. The story of this organization whose primary goal is "Preventing children from ever entering the sex-trade", is amazing (Please click on my title above and it will take you to the Remember Nhu website)! Carl shared how the organization began and I could feel God speaking life into my passion and desire to go to the nations helping girls get back into safety from the sex trafficking industry. God was showing me through Carl's story how He would bring to fruition in different ways the dream to help be a Mom to the orphan, a sister and friend to the abandoned, and counselor to the broken.

When Nhu began to share her story, my eyes started to swell with tears. Her story, like many others, is one filled with broken dreams, shattered innocence, and darkness, only for God to make himself known as He brought restoration to everything that she once thought was lost. As Nhu shared I felt this deep connection with her heart. She was my sister and our stories, although different in many ways, were very similar. Nhu was sold several times to men to pay off family debt. I was not sold, yet was used, abused, and taken advantage of before the age of 5. It disgusts me to know that the facts out there reveal how Men prefer younger girls. In Nhu's case, she was wanted more because she was a virgin girl. In my case, I was too young to defend myself and could be manipulated by threats to obey directions given to me.

Tears plummeted down my face as she continued to share her heart about all that had been done to her. She said, "God, why did you bring this pain into my life? I loved you. I served you. Please let me be the last girl this happens too." No words can describe what was going on inside of me when I heard her say the very same things that I said to God so many years ago. They are written in my journal multiple times. The realization hit me how powerful my story was because of the common thread that ties me to girls who have faced similar demons. I can relate to them, and I know that they can relate to me. I wept more because God confirmed deep in my heart that I would impact girls and touch hearts just like Nhu was touching mine. No words can describe how much I desire to do this. No words can describe how much I long to bring Jesus to so many who are hurting, wounded, hungry, naked, raped, and searching for someone to love them. This passion; this dream is so close that I can almost touch it. 

Yesterday God revealed his powerful work. Remember Nhu is evidence of how God turns impossible situations and dreams into realities. Our sacrificial love offering to help buy land and build some more homes in Cambodia for Remember Nhu also reveals how nothing is impossible with God. By the obedience of all of us, his servants, we practically doubled the $100,000 goal. The desire to serve and love others everywhere, and fulfill dreams and goals God has given my husband and I, will be coming to fruition. We will be going. We will go. God was speaking these things to us so blatantly yesterday. 

His presence and healing upon me was so heavy that I could not stop crying the rest of the service and as I think upon it more, tears still come to my eyes. No words can describe what God is doing. He is great! And we should praise him. We should praise him even before things come into fruition.

Thank you God for speaking life into dreams and for all that you have done, are doing, and will continue to do! We will love you with our lives no matter the sacrifice.

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