Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SCTN 5K: A small endeavor with the hope of a huge impact!

Many of you already know that I am going to walk in the Stop Child Trafficking Now 5K. As much as I may volunteer for things that I am passionate about I have begun to feel a little discouraged. No matter how much I do, I feel as if I can never do enough. In some ways I feel as if doors will remain closed in certain areas of my life and in the life of my husband and I. There have been many doors that I have been knocking on for some time; only to either have them remain closed or slammed right in my face. Ouch! To say the least, there have been many "ouch" moments. Other moments have been a dull ache as I wait.

Then as I have tended the aches, the pains, and sat down to talk with God over things, I know that doors will open in time and miracles will take place. These moments have only drawn me closer to God, as well as with other people who see me for who I truly am. And it is in these moments that the fight inside of me goes further than just for myself. It draws me out from myself to bring a voice to those who have none. And this is why I am walking the SCTN 5K. It is one of the small things that I can do to help fight for the boys and girls being trafficked, many of them who are right in front of us.

What are you fighting for? 
What love letters are you writing?
Who will you impact?
How will you be remembered?

These are all questions I ask myself often as well as many more. When I have an answer that I do not like, after God reveals the good, the bad, and potentially even the ugly, then I ask God to help change it. In the process, God calls us beautiful, and helps transform us into magnificent masterpieces. I pray to be a masterpiece of his unconditional love, hope, and power! I pray that even in small endeavors such as a 5K to SCTN that it will have a huge impact. This is my hope. And my dreams, which God is still forming in me, are even bigger than that.

What are your dreams? What are your hopes?

If you feel led to help me with mine, please feel free to go to my personal page to donate or sign-up to walk with me.

After all, "I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world"
Mother Teresa

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