Monday, August 1, 2011

Dream Big: Stop Child Trafficking Now

One of my passions is to help the abused and neglected. Most recently I have been looking for opportunities to help organizations that are in the fight against sex trafficking. Stop Child Trafficking Now is a non-profit organization. They "target the source of child trafficking-- predators who supply the sex industry everywhere in the world, including in your local community." They hold 5k's to help raise funds to fulfill this vision. I am currently trying to decide whether I will walk/run this 5k or be a part of the volunteer staff for this event. Either way I will be creating awareness for this worldwide issue. It seems like something so little in the vast sea of sex trafficking victims, johns, and pimps. But one small seed, such as a 5k fundraiser, can produce a HUGE forest of hope, safety, and love and provide restoration for sex trafficking victims.

It is an issue that many do not want to face. It is an issue that will sadden your heart. You will see through the eyes of sex trafficking victims the depth of darkness and bondage that was forced upon them. Hope was taken; love was stolen; their names re-written; their voices silenced; innocence and purity ripped from their hearts. Instead of a normal life, maybe even a beautiful dream, they live and have lived in a nightmare. And who will help them?

You. Me. Friends. Family. We all can do our part in some small way or for those who desire to pursue this more, your impact can save many lives! I am not writing this to promote or sell anything. I am merely pointing out one way that we can help sex trafficking victims. There is hope. And we can choose to love by helping in whatever way we feel led to, even if it is staying on top of the current issues and not ignoring them.

On the Stop Child Trafficking Now website they give information about their vision, purpose, objective, partners and how you can help. I was drawn to many things on this site and will get involved. One tab on their site I encourage you to look at is the Red With Love tab. Go to the site and at least watch the "Red With Love" video. The message is clear. Each of us can help in the fight against sex trafficking.

Dream Big! Your impact is great! Lets go fight for these children, teens, and adults. Lets take back their life and give them new hopes, new dreams; let us help them find their voice again, and restore what was stolen and ripped from their very heart. A new beautiful life of love instead of a nightmare is my dream for them. It is God's dream for them. How will you be used to write a love letter in someone's life today? You may be their only hope. Dream Big. Save a life. Write a love letter. Grow a Cherry Blossom Tree blooming with fulfilled dreams.

We are their hope. Stop Sex Trafficking Now!

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