Monday, October 21, 2013

Book review: The Daniel Cure

This is the first book review that I have done about any type of fast, diet, or physical way of living. I wanted to branch out and review other books as a way of not getting stuck in a rut.

The Daniel Cure by Susan Gregory and Richard J. Bloomer, is most likely a good book for those desiring to truly change to a healthier way of living. It is not a book for those who already have been living a healthy lifestyle. Much of the emphasis is on dieting, although the authors would say that the Daniel cure is not a diet but a lifestyle change. I would agree with them there, but there were moments when I felt like the writing was conveyed in a way to put guilt trips on those reading it as a way to force individuals to live the "Daniel Fast Way". My frustration with this is that this is only a partial fast. If you want to begin fasting for spiritual renewal and to grow deeper with the Lord, you do not need to read this book.

If on the other hand you want to grow deeper with the Lord by also changing your lifestyle this may be an excellent book to help you. After all, our bodies represent the Temple of God and we must care for it. With this in mind, the book offers a 21-day devotional to begin the 21-day fast to jump-start "the Daniel Cure", which is altering the way that you eat. They have over 75 recipes to help with this change in lifestyle and give medical and educational information for those who have health issues or want to prevent them from happening.

All in all, if you want to change your lifestyle, this book may be a good choice for you. But if you are already eating healthy and want to do your own fast, this book is not for you. You do not need a book like this to help you get closer to God. You have your Bible, and the Holy Spirit to guide you. Just make sure that you are listening very carefully to His voice and that you surround yourself with others who will support you and help guide you. 

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