Wednesday, January 21, 2015

No Greater Valor: The Siege of Bastogne and the Miracle that Sealed Allied Victory- Jerome Corsi

I realized very quickly that war books just are not my cup of tea. But that is all right. I believe that this book, No Greater Valor: The Siege of Bastogne and the Miracle that Sealed Allied Victory by Jerome Corsi, will be wonderful for all of you that love to read true stories of bravery, and victory coming forth from impossible circumstances. What I really enjoyed about this true account was that faith was interwoven throughout the pages. This is important because too often we give man credit for something that only God could accomplish.

To read about the depravity of the battles, and the despairing circumstances shed light on the fact that it was only by a miracle that victory had taken place at Bastogne. It is a true story that not everyone hears about but it is an important one. In fact, I would say that this book should to be shared in order for the American people to remember that God is the one that saves and delivers us from evil. WWII was evil and as you will read, the miracle that sealed Allied Victory was one that was essential in the war. We need to read stories like these so as not to lose hope in the darkest of circumstances. We must remember those before us. We must remember their sacrifice and not lose sight of what America once was.

Go read, No Greater Valor and remember the sacrifices that many made for so many. May you remember that our God works miracles today.

I have received this book for free from and these opinions are my own.

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